Airline delayed baggage delivery.




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Enter your "Airline customer reference number"   (e.g. LHRBA87437)
Enter your Surname

"Bag Not in our System Yet" - Means that the item is being collected from the airport. Shortly you will read "Received into Branch" - thank you for your patience.
"Received into Branch" - Means that we have the item in our warehouse and it will be allocated to a driver. Later you will read "Loaded onto a Vehicle" - where possible the majority of passengers will receive a phone call to confirm an accurate time of delivery. Normally this is around 30 minutes prior to delivery.
"Loaded onto Vehicle" - Means that for "local" deliveries you will receive this item that day - we can deliver late into the evening. If you live further away from the airports this can mean the item will be delivered the following day.
"Dispatched ETA" - Means that bag is now on the road and the ETA is an estimate. Again your patience is appreciated.
"Returned to Warehouse as a Non Delivery" - Means we were unable to deliver and we will attempt again.
"Delivered" - Means ... delivered ... however it may be that the bag is subsequently refused. Once returned we would arrange a further attempt.